And the Winner is…




In fact, Ed lost interest until I hit on the idea of hiding a piece of ham under all the names. He was so enthusiastic about this that he managed to drag out TWO slips of paper at once, so – since the Oracle has spoken – I’m happy to announce that we have two winners. Congratulations, Old Kitty and Dina(*see note), you will shortly be receiving a copy of Murder Fortissimo (or at least you will when you email me a postal address).

Thanks to everyone who joined in – there will be more giveaways in future but Ed has resigned as Winner Picker so I’ll see if the squirrels at the bottom of the garden would like a go next time. (It’s not a cat blog, we’re open to offers from blue tits, wood mice, voles and shrews, in fact any creature who displays more interest and aptitude than Ed).

If you didn’t win this time you can still buy a copy of Murder Fortissimo from the Worldwide Mystery Library  Even with postage from the US it’s still only about £7.50.

Next post coming soon – the mysterious circumstance of the dog with no head!

 OOPS! I seem to have put Dina’s name into the draw by accident, daft ha’porth that I am. Have just redrawn and the second winner is Mary! Mind you, if Dina does turn up and claim her prize, I have a spare copy!  Sorry – I’m blaming it on the weather!


11 thoughts on “And the Winner is…

    • Sorry about the mix up. The thing is Candis and Mary came over from another blog which I went over to look at, and when I added their names to my list of entries for the competition, I added Dina’s name as it was also on the other blog. You wouldn’t believe anyone could be so incompetent, would you! I promise I’m not really going round picking up random names from other blogs – not as a general rule! I’ll do better in future but I’m actually a Luddite about techie stuff, so bear with me.

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