Here’s to a Happy Christmas – and some sheep…

A Happy Christmas to everyone who is kind enough to follow my blog!


Sometimes I buy charity Christmas cards, usually in aid of the National Autistic Society but other years I like to paint my own and this year it’s sheep. You have to imagine that these sheep (actually spotted in Somerset) are in fact grazing on the hills outside Bethlehem. Night is drawing near and the shepherds are having their tea-break. The sheep are in reflective mood as they gaze with interest at a bright light in the sky.

‘Wassat then?’ ask the lambs.

‘No idea,’ say the ewes.

One small commercial: The Dead Queen’s Garden is published by Robert Hale on 31st December 2013. 

Dead Queen's Garden - FINALRead here about how it came to be written:

Happy Christmas & a Safe and Prosperous New Year from Nicky, the Resident Engineer & the Fat Cat! holly2


5 thoughts on “Here’s to a Happy Christmas – and some sheep…

    • Thanks, Stevie and a Happy New Year to you. I seem to be into animals at the moment, did cat and dog portraits for presents this year which were well-received (unless they were being polite!)

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