A Blog Roll

scrollLots of bloggers put up a Blog Roll somewhere on their pages and it’s always intriguing – if you’re nosy (and how can you be a writer if you’re not?) – to see what they like and where they hang out. There isn’t enough space on here to do that so I thought I’d post about some of my favourite blogs.I only belong to a couple of actual forums and they’re private ones; however I do follow a few interesting blogs. Not surprisingly most of my internet friends are bookish so I tend to drop in on book bloggers to see what they’re reading. I’ve found some kindred spirits this way, which has been great.

Bookish Blogs
• Geranium Cat http://geraniumcatsbookshelf.blogspot.co.uk/I stumbled across this blog years ago when she reviewed my first novel, Scuba Dancing. She liked it so it’s no wonder that Jodie’s blog is now one of my favourites. Always something interesting and frequently an author new to me to check out.

• Random ottings http://randomjottings.typepad.com/random_jottings_of_an_ope/  Elaine has an opera blog and a baking blog besides the book one and I do drop in there now and then, but it’s the blog about the books she’s reading and the comments she makes that I visit most. Occasionally acerbic, always informed and always interesting.

• Letters from a Hill Farm http://lettersfromahillfarm.blogspot.co.uk/ Nan lives in northern Vermont, a lovely part of America that we’ve visited a couple of times. When she writes about their smallholding I’m reminded of Anne of Green Gables. Canada isn’t too far away from the Hill Farm and the whole set-up makes me think that Miss Cornelia might live down the hill, or you could bump into Rachel Lynde at the village store.

• The Elephant in the Room elephanthttp://theelephantinthewritingroom.blogspot.co.uk/ Sally Zigmond is a successful novelist and award-winning short-story writer, living in a beautiful restored chapel that nestles in the middle of the North Yorkshire Moors. Her historical novels are full of rich detail, always something new to discover on a re-read, and her advice for writers is always inspiring and full of common sense.

• Linda Gruchy http://lindagruchy.wordpress.com/ Writer, photographer, gardener and scientist, Linda is one of the busiest people I know and her broad range of interests makes her occasional blog posts something to look forward to.

• Rosemary Sutcliff http://rosemarysutcliff.com/?blogsub=confirmed#blog_subscription-2 As a long-time Rosemary Sutcliff reader I was delighted to stumble on this nostalgic blog

Paula Readman http://darkfantasy13writer.blogspot.co.uk/ ravenPaula is a prizewinning short story writer and a spinner of dark and scary tales. Read her blog posts on the Goth Weekend in Whitby and admire the costumes she concocts!

• Jane Risdon blog/http://janerisdon.wordpress.com/2012/05/08/welcome-to-my-blog/ Jane is a writer who spent years working with and managing groups, and what she doesn’t know about the music business ain’t worth knowin’!

• Mystery People http://www.mysterypeople.co.uk/ the place to go for readers and writers of mystery novels.

And now for something completely different – some non-bookish blogs I like to snoop in
• Cestina’s dolls houses http://czechdollshouses.blogspot.co.uk/  I love little things but as a squirrel by nature I don’t even dare think about collecting miniatures. Luckily I have a friend who does so I don’t have to, and I ‘borrowed’ something from her collection as a clue in ‘A Crowded Coffin’. This blog is a fascinating find – little things and a dolls house museum in the Czech republic!

• Encore Books http://www.encorebooks.co.uk/ A blog about books absolutely must mention a bookshop and this is a very nice one.bookpile• Bufo Books http://www.bufobooks.demon.co.uk/ and so is this one.

• Jan Jack http://www.janjack.co.uk/ I can only quote Miranda and say, ‘Rude!’ (very) but funny with it.

Not books at all
• Watercress Line http://www.watercressline.co.uk/ Properly known as The Mid-Hants Railway this is the Resident Engineer’s spiritual home where he now volunteers one day a week in the Loco Sheds.
• Pumping station http://www.twyfordwaterworks.co.uk/ When he’s not playing with big trains, the Engineer can be found playing with boilers and pumps and such like.
• Geoff Holt http://geoffholt.com/ Inspirational sailor who fights to make life better for disabled people. He is also, or has been, an antiques dealer and back when my friend Shirley and I were intermittent antiques dealers ourselves we sold him a pot or two!
• PDA http://www.autism.org.uk/about-autism/related-conditions/pda-pathological-demand-avoidance-syndrome.aspx Something you might not have come across – a fairly recently identified syndrome that was formerly lumped together under the general umbrella of autism. Often dismissed as Children Behaving Badly, sufferers and their families are trying to change the public perception of this extremely challenging condition.

bread roll(Another Blog Roll)(Sorry…)

I’m sure I’ve missed lots of lovely blogs but I’ve run out of space and time. Do take a look at some of these interesting places. I’ll add some more next year.