Words & Pictures

First the words – the Large Print edition of A Crowded Coffin is published by Ulverscroft on Friday, 1st November 2013. It’s in a softback version and it would be very nice if you could ask your local library to order it in! 

And now a picture:

Layout 1


Now some more pictures – I belong to a local art group, Brushstrokes, and we’re getting quite well-known in Hampshire, which is great as we’ve only been together for seven years. We had a recent exhibition at Haskins Garden Centre in West End, Southampton, and it was a great success; so much so that we’ve been invited back next year.

I have a strange ‘thing’ about painting hares; it’s not a life-long obsession, I only started to paint them about 12 years ago – before that I tended to paint ducks! Anyway, I sold four pictures at the show, a fox and three hare pictures. Here are two of them:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


They’ve been bought as a Christmas present which is rather nice.

Can’t find a picture of the fox but this is the tiny hare (6″x6″)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So there we are – been an arty-farty time round here lately! And just to prove I can paint animals other than hares, here’s Arthur’s horse (so called because our friend Arthur took the photo when we were in France and now has the painting in his sitting-room!)Arthur's horse2


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