I’ve gone all electronic!

I’ve gone all electronic!

As of now all my books are available as ebooks. Robert Hale Ltd publish beautifully-produced hardbacks but they’re not into paperbacks so I’m delighted that my books are now available electronically as I hope to gain a whole new readership this way. Please tell your friends!

So, if you fancy a bit of holiday reading I can offer a very unusual romantic comedy or four cheerful cosy mysteries – the choice is yours!
kindlecoverScuba_PFM_5JA distinctly unusual romantic comedy: ‘Written with humour & deep sensitivity’ (Anita Burgh)

Charlotte Richmond Investigates… Victorian mysteries featuring a young widow who just can’t help stumbling over corpses.

‘Well-paced and witty read from start to finish, and one of the most entertaining books I have ever read.’ Karen Wintle, Historical Novel Review


‘Like a more modern and resourceful Lizzy Bennet, or perhaps a touch of the Heyer heroines’  Geranium Cat book blog

The Harriet Quigley Mysteries… set in historic Winchester and featuring retired headmistress, Harriet Quigley and her cousin, the Rev Sam Hathaway

And finally, most exciting news of all, I’m extra delighted to learn that Harriet and Sam’s second adventure, ‘A Crowded Coffin’, has been chosen for Amazon Kindle’s Summer Special promotion – so it’s only 99p until 5th September!

I’d be enormously grateful if people would pass this on via Facebook and Twitter, etc, and I will of course do the same for other authors!

You can find out more about my tentative dip into electronic publishing in this interview on the Robert Hale blog: http://halebooks.wordpress.com/tag/nicola-slade/


4 thoughts on “I’ve gone all electronic!

  1. I bought “A Crowded Coffin” and thoroughly enjoyed it – but I did do the nose-trick when Harriet comments that her girls were not brought up to be spineless jellyfish!

    • Hi, Mrs Redboots, nice to see you here, I’m glad you enjoyed it, I like to think Harriet is a credit to her school!. In the first Harriet book I snuck in a quote from her late headmistress regarding the use of ‘can’ and ‘may’.

  2. Congrats! I think this is a good move for both you and your publisher – a lot of Kindle owners are your target demographic, and this will only help.

    Meanwhile, I’m soon taking some tentative steps toward putting my own (currently all-eBook) offerings into paperback. Exciting times!

    • Hi Larry, yes it seems this is the way to go! I re-issued Scuba Dancing as an e book but that was with the help of a friend who is tech savvy. The mysteries are all published by Robert Hale Ltd, which is great. Good luck with the paperbacks!

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