Ta-daa! SCUBA DANCING the e-book takes flight!


Heartwarming’, ‘eccentric’, ‘deeply touching’, ‘darkly comic’, ‘laugh out loud’, ‘mad as a box of frogs’, ‘utterly charming’, ‘the perfect holiday read’

Back in 2005 my first novel, ‘Scuba Dancing’ was published by Transita Ltd, as one of the launch novels for their imprint featuring the loves and lives of older women. My book did well and the quotes above are some of the many that the book garnered. Best-selling novelist, Anita Burgh, wrote the cover shout: ‘Packed with delightful, unforgettable, eccentric characters and written with humour and deep sensitivity. Whilst making me laugh, it also made me sad. I want to move to their village!’

Scroll forward a few years and here it is again: revised, revamped, and hopefully just as much fun as it was first time around. Transita required the heroine to be forty-five or over but I’ve dropped Finn’s age to forty for the e-book as it makes more sense. I’ve also reinstated my trademark Cast of Characters (which readers like in all my cozy mysteries) but which my rom.com editor wouldn’t let me have at the time.

I couldn’t have done the techie stuff without the talented Linda Gruchy who led me, kicking and screaming, towards the future; and I couldn’t have got it actually published without Linda’s step-by-step idiot’s guide, allied with the patience of the Resident Engineer who ignored the language that was turning the air blue, as well as the wails of frustration when it didn’t work first time.

 Anyway, here it is; I hope people will buy it and enjoy it! (At the moment you have to go to Kindle Store as the author page takes time to catch up!)

UK Kindle Store link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Scuba-Dancing-ebook/dp/B00C3N7XK2/ref=sr_1_2?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1364725825&sr=1-2

Amazon.com Kindle store link: http://www.amazon.com/Scuba-Dancing-ebook/dp/B00C3N7XK2/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1364725928&sr=1-1&keywords=scuba+dancing

However – let’s be honest. The paperback edition did have one or two detractors and I feel potential readers should be warned!  Careful Now!tedanddougal

 1)  One reader said it wasn’t realistic. Dear reader, there is a seven-foot tall angel in it. In the village shop. Of course it’s realistic.

2) Another reader frowned on the activities of the group at the heart of the book. Yes, well… it’s a mixed group of lonely people getting up to no good and having fun, so maybe…

3) When it was first sent to the RNA’s New Writers’ Scheme, the reader said that no publisher would ever take a book that included OAPs having sex. It’s not explicit but they do have fun, so I’m unapologetic about that one!

 It’s romantic comedy set in an English village and it’s about loneliness and sadness and how a group of people set about trying to relieve this state of affairs. It is a comedy even though I’ve had readers tell me how much they cried at the ending! (But don’t worry, it’s not harrowing – I wouldn’t do that to you!)

Last word from a reader: ‘The author treats difficult issues such as loneliness and dementia with humour but in a sensitive way. A fabulous read and a great book to take away on holiday! I smiled all the way through – it would make a good film for TV.’ (Molyneaux, Bookcrossing)



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