Gone visiting! Drop in and see where I’ve gone…

Not long ago I joined a fascinating group on Facebook: MYSTERY MOST COZY. Designed as a meeting-place for readers and writers who love cozy mysteries, the group is now celebrating ten years of murder and mayhem. To mark the occasion they’re offering prizes and interviewing writers in this popular genre. Today it’s my turn, so do drop in on Karen Rigley’s blog: Shimmerfall and see what I’m talking about.


And a nice bit of stop-press news – Robert Hale Ltd have just bought my sixth novel, ‘The Dead Queen’s Garden’, to be published sometime later next year, probably. This is a third outing for my young Victorian widow, Charlotte Richmond, who finds herself in a real pickle this time and has to fend off a murderous attack with what has to be the most bizarre weapon ever! 

Haven’t got anywhere near a blurb yet, it’s very early days, but this will give you an introduction to Charlotte:

Charlotte Richmond has few ladylike accomplishments.

‘I cannot sing,’ she says. ‘I cannot draw, I cannot play the pianoforte or the harp and I cannot produce delicately beautiful embroideries. Sadly the ability to do quantities of mending, to cook a good plain dinner and to shoot a marauding crocodile as I once did, are not appreciated in Polite Society.’



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