Talking here, there and everywhere

To be honest I never have any difficulty talking anywhere (the difficulty is how to stop me) but this week I’ll be in Worthing, talking to the West Sussex Writers on Thursday, 12th July. Do come along, tickets at the door, check here for details

This is how they’ve billed the talk:  Novelist Nicola Slade wrote happy-ever-after romantic comedies before she turned to killing people. Join us to hear her discuss how she made the worrying discovery that murder is a lot more fun. And that people now take her far more seriously as a writer now that she deals in death and disaster.

When they contacted me last year to book the talk I was in a sorry state, with both wrists broken, one of them so seriously I now have a metal plate in there, though to my chagrin, it doesn’t set off alarms at airports (I felt I deserved the occasional moment of drama!) I’m fine now but I did do a couple of talks at that time and it was quite surprising how many people didn’t actually notice I had one arm in plaster and the other in a bright blue elastic bandage – it’s not easy fending off friendly overtures and trying not to whimper, ‘Please don’t shake hands with me!’  See photo below. (For anyone who doesn’t know the story, I was at a fundraising Burns Night Ceilidh and I slipped on a wet patch on the floor while doing a do-si-do. I fell backwards and apparently – I don’t remember as I was knocked out – put both hands out behind me to break my fall… and no, I wasn’t drunk! )

Anyway, I’m fine now and looking forward to my trip to Worthing, a town I’ve never visited, so that’s going to be interesting.

And while I’m in self-promotional mode, here’s an early plug for an event in September.

There will be a Mystery People’s Evening of Crime at Chichester Library on Tuesday, 11th September. I’ll be talking about my work with a panel with fellow crime novelists – Joan Moules, Charlie Cochrane and Eileen Robertson – with Carol Westron in the chair.  It should be fun so do put it in your diaries. Tickets £3 from Chichester Library   (Check out Mystery People here:


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