Creative diversions

We spent last week gallivanting about Ireland with a 4-tier wedding cake in the boot of the car as we headed off to a wedding in the far west of County Cork. The cake (see picture) was my foolproof recipe and the whole family stirred in love and happiness and good wishes for niece Amanda, and John, then I fed the finished product with brandy every month. Morley iced it and did the scaffolding (ie pillars and dowels) and we careered off across the Irish Sea with it. I was anxious about taking the cake through Customs in case we had to explain to a sniffer dog that no, he really couldn’t check it for drugs, but all was well.
And it was fabulous, though I says it as shouldn’t! And so was the wedding.

The day after the wedding was the 3rd Brushstrokes Art Show, at the Eastleigh Holiday Inn. As a founder member and part of the hanging committee – a suitable job for a crime writer – I was sorry to miss it, but by all accounts it was great.

Not a lot of writing was done last week, as you’ll appreciate, but the day we set off started very early (6.45am) as I went into the BBC Radio Solent studio in Southampton for an interview with Breakfast Show host, Julian Clegg, who has been a terrific supporter of my publishing journey. So much so that he has a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ cameo in ‘Murder Fortissimo’.

Normal service will be resumed in the next post when there’ll be a bit of history and maybe a spot of mystery!


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