A Little Bit of Trumpet Blowing!

It’s one of life’s little ironies that writers – who tend to be pretty introverted – end up having to sell their own wares these days, not only when self-publishing but also when they are, as I am,’conventionally published’ (or, as I spotted the other day, ‘dead tree published’!) So, just for once, I’ll let others do the talking.

First, a review. Lizzie Hayes ran the association, Mystery Women, for thirteen years. The aim was to promote mystery fiction written by women and Lizzie was tireless in her efforts to get the authors’ names and titles out there. When Mystery Women folded, Lizzie Hayes came up with a new group, Mystery People, with the same aims but this time the membership is open to everyone, women and men, writers and readers. Find her review of Murder Fortissimo here: http://www.promotingcrime.blogspot.co.uk/
To find out more about the Mystery People group, go here: www.mysterypeople.co.uk If you’re a fan of mystery novels, do join the group. There are plans for all kinds of exciting happenings.

Next, an interview. I’m over at the Robert Hale Ltd blog talking about the inspiration for Murder Fortissimo, here: http://halebooks.wordpress.com/ 
If you’ve ever belonged to a public library the chances are you’ll have picked up and enjoyed one of Robert Hale’s books. For more than 70 years they’ve been producing a wide range of fiction in good-quality hardbacks, many of which are sold to libraries all over the world. All my novels are to be found in libraries across theUK and abroad, so if you can’t see them on the shelves, do please ask the library to order them in.

Warning: Blatant plug here! – authors get about 6p per ‘borrowing’ and the PLR comes in very handy. (Elsewhere in the blog you’ll have seen a photo of Fat Ed, the resident moggie and as you can imagine, at 14lb in weight, he takes a lot of feeding!)

 And finally, while I’m letting other people do the talking, here’s something that makes it all worthwhile:

‘I just wanted to tell you that I recently bought your books and I’m loving them! I’m half way through Death is the Cure and I’ve read the first and also Scuba Dancing. My only complaint is that I can’t put them down! It’s only the knowledge that I need to sleep otherwise I’ll not manage to get up for work that makes me put them down and even then it takes effort! So thank you for writing them and I hope your Charlotte series continues.’


2 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Trumpet Blowing!

  1. Very interesting article as usual Nicky. I will check out the other links, thanks. The creator is always the last to earn but at least you do get a fee for having books taken out in libraries. Quite often in my line (music) the creator does not get paid….and that can include the producer of the record who has to rely on the artist to pay them once the recording starts to sell (often not in enough numbers), but due to (any) advances being paid by the Record company it is possible the artist will be in debt, not credit to the company, and therefore no money is earned so the artist, manager,, producer and others involved end up without anything to show for their efforts…then there are deductions for packaging, production of the physical ‘record’ and marketing costs to be taken off…so if not earning and (had received) a small advance, the artist etc ‘owes’ the company and so if there is another record released this debt is carried forward…and so it goes on….so making money from the creative arts is a bit hit and miss. 6p per record would be wonderful in most cases! But I do hope that this will not put people off writing music and recording or put a potential writer off of writing and trying to get published. It is for the art after-all.

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